What’s Next on Tour

August 15, 2018

‘What go on tour stays on tour’ a saying I have lived by for years! 🙂

This time I’m doing it differently – Within the constraints of bubbles, borders, quaratine, facemasks and everything inbetween I’m doing my best get out and about and chat to those that love wine, food and good conversations as much as me!

It’s not Just about the wine

As much as I love to talk about the how and why other winemakers make their decisions and compare notes of seasons and regimes – I love the stories of what brought them to wine and paths taken to the destination. Like many my own path was not a direct one, and in many ways I feel this fabric of experience outside winemaking itself adds to what is in the glass.

Beyond this, you’ll hear me chatting to artisan specialist small goods manufacturers, artisan butchers, author’s and many more all with a common theme – A love of wine, flavour and food.

Watch for the video versions that were recorded at the time – they make for some entertaining viewing!

Cheers Matt

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